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Our canoe yokes come in dark stain or natural finish and come in sizes 33.5" 34.5" 36" 38" and 41".
Price $15.00


Our straight thwarts (top) come in lengths 26" and 29"
Our shaped thwarts (bottom) come in lengths 32" and 34"
Straight thwart $6.00
Shaped thwart $10.00


Shown is our inside and outside Canoe transoms in dark stain. They also come in natural finish. The inside transom is pre drilled for eaiser instalation. Outside transom (top) is 17" in length and 8" in height. Inside transom (bottom) is 16" in length and 11" in height. They are 9/16" thick
Price $30.00 for the set


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